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Yeu Nhieu Chang Yeu That Ai

Dung Lay Toi Nhe! Cuoc Doi

Cho Tim Em Nho Anh

Sai Gon Ban Lam

Mot Cõi Rieng Mang

Album: Tuyen Tap Ca Khuc Hay Nhat Cua Duong Ngoc Thai (B) - Date: 2014-08-12 - Views: 3131

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Thuong Tham - Duong Ngoc Thai
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Em Ve Voi Nguoi - Duong Ngoc Thai
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Tra No Nguoi Ta - Duong Ngoc Thai
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Em Quen Dieu Ly Tinh Que - Duong Ngoc Thai
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Thang Be Mo Coi - Duong Ngoc Thai
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Linh Hon Cua Anh - Duong Ngoc Thai
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Tien Biet - Duong Ngoc Thai
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