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Co Le Ta Nen Dung Lai

Take Me To Your Heart

Lien Khuc Yeu

Tro Ve Ben Xua

Mua Dong Anh Lai Mot Minh

Album: Duc Tuan By Request - Date: 2012-06-10 - Views: 12471

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Khong The Co The - Duc Tuan
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Sac Mau - Duc Tuan
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Chuyen Ve Mot Tinh Yeu - Duc Tuan
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Da Lat Gio Va May - Duc Tuan
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Mong Anh Ve - Duc Tuan
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Chuc Ngu Ngon - Duc Tuan
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Hat Ru Em - Duc Tuan
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Chiec La Cuoi Cung - Duc Tuan
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Thoi - Duc Tuan
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Xanh Bac Mai Dau - Duc Tuan
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Bye Goodnight - Duc Tuan
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