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Anh Van Cho Em

Mot Dai Kho Mot Toi

Em Nghi Den Anh

Hoa Dai

Chuyen Tau Hoang Hon

Album: Live Show 2007 - Date: 2009-03-23 - Views: 54006

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Bay Len - Lam Truong
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Chieu Vang - Lam Truong
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De Tron Doi Thuong Nho - Lam Truong
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Co Le - Lam Truong
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Mua Van Roi - Lam Truong
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Thien Than - Lam Truong
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Anh Luon Mong Cho - Lam Truong
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De Me - Lam Truong
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Tron Doi Yeu Em - Lam Truong
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Nhu Mua Thu Qua - Lam Truong
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Niu Keo - Lam Truong
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Chuyen Hom Qua - Lam Truong
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Bay Sac Cau Vong - Lam Truong
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Niem Tin Ngay Mai - Lam Truong
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