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Cam Giac Yeu

Con De Chung Tinh

Chi Em Yeu Anh (B)

Neu Anh La Em

Noi Nho Mua Dong

Album: Pham Duy - Ngay Tro Ve - Date: 2009-02-18 - Views: 69059

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Ngam Ngui - Quang Dung
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Thuyen Vien Xu - Thanh Lam
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Ba Me Gio Linh - Duy Quang
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Ngay Tro Ve - Hong Hanh
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Que Ngheo - My Hanh
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Ao Anh Sut Chi Duong Ta - Duc Tuan
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Mo Khuc - Ho Quynh Huong
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Nuong Chieu - Duc Tuan
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Tinh Ca - My Linh
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