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Tinh Que

Tinh Ca Tran Thien Thanh 2

Take Me To Your Heart

Chuyen Tinh Nguoi Dan Ao

Ky Uc Trong Toi

Album: Khi Ta Yeu Nhau - Date: 2008-06-23 - Views: 37858

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Intro - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Mot Ngay Gia Bang - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Chi Tai Vo Tinh - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Co Bao Gio - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Em Van Muon Yeu Anh - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Vi Anh Danh Mat - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Khi Ta Yeu Nhau - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Nu Hon Ngay Mua - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Trot Yeu Anh Roi - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Mai Nhu Bay Gio - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Khong Cho Doi - Ho Ngoc Ha
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Outro - Ho Ngoc Ha
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