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Chi Vi Yeu Qua Nhieu

Ke Dau Tinh

Mai Trong Doi Cho

Hung Thieng Au Lac

Ha Noi Mua Vang Nhung Con Mua

Album: Tim Lai Loi The - Date: 2006-05-30 - Views: 36252

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Tim Lai Loi The - Phuong Thanh
Add Tìm Lại Lời Thề to your PlayList
Mua Dong Xa Vang - Phuong Thanh
Add Mùa Đông Xa Vắng to your PlayList
Em So - Phuong Thanh
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Niem Dau - Phuong Thanh
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Hay Thuong Cho Phan Nguoi - Phuong Thanh
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Goi Binh Yen Quay Ve - Phuong Thanh
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Yeu Them Lan Nua - Phuong Thanh
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Noi Thoi Gian Ngung Lai - Phuong Thanh
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Giot Nuoc Mat Lang Le - Phuong Thanh
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Cafe Mot Minh - Phuong Thanh
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Minh Da Xa Nhau - Phuong Thanh
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Loi Ru Lan Dau Lam Me - Phuong Thanh
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